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Are you tired of IRC clients bloated with features you never use? Your search is over! TinyIRC Pro packs the common features you need for day to day IRCing into a small package. If you want to take your IRC client on the road, with TinyIRC Pro its as simple as copying it from your hard disk to a floppy or USB key.

TinyIRC is an IRC client for Windows of miniscule proportions, weighing in at only 83K for the main executable.

Note: TinyIRC is considered abondonware. The original author is Tom Bampton. Files restored by Danny Kennison.

TinyIRC Pro
Version 2.0.1b

  TinyIRC Free
Version 1.0 Build 1099
Build Size
Complete: Zip 185Kb
Minimal: Zip 68Kb
Crack: Zip 59Kb
Build Size
Complete: Zip 60Kb

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